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computer science and logic, overlap, as a property of the reduction rules in term rewriting system, describes a situation where a number of different reduction rules specify potentially contradictory ways of reducing a reducible expression (or redex)Source: Wikipedia

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may mean one ofSource: Wikipedia

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Filter_bank also called Weighted Overlap Add

an efficient filter bank method using FFTSource: Wikipedia

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Overlap-save method

Overlap-save is the traditional name for an efficient way to evaluate the discrete convolution between a very long signal xwith a finite impulse response (FIR) filter h[nSource: Wikipedia

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Contact Map Overlap

a graph based measure of protein similaritySource: Wikipedia

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Overlap-add method

(OA, OLA) is an efficient way to evaluate the discrete convolution between a very long signal xwith a finite impulse response (FIR) filter h[nSource: Wikipedia

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Overlap zone

in radio frequency engineering, is a zone in which the signals from two or more radio stations, transmitting at the same frequency, can be received with comparable intensity. Interference occurs frequently in such a zoneSource: Wikipedia

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English and French monarchs overlap chart

This chart shows which monarchs of England and France reigned at the same timeSource: Wikipedia

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Overlap syndrome

an autoimmune disease in which the patient presents with symptoms of two or more diseasesSource: Wikipedia

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Natural law also called Overlap Thesis

Latin: lex naturalisSource: Wikipedia

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Zero-differential overlap

an approximation that is used to ignore certain integrals, usually two-electron repulsion integrals, in Semi-empirical quantum chemistry methods quantum chemistry molecular orbital methodsSource: Wikipedia

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Target-site overlap

certain sequences of amino acid residues are able to recognise and bind to an extended target-site of four or even five nucleotides When this occurs in a ZFP in which the three-nucleotide subsites are contiguous, one zinc finger interferes with the tSource: Wikipedia

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Overlap add

an efficient convolution method using FFTSource: Wikipedia

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Overlap matrix

a square matrix, used in quantum chemistry to describe the inter-relationship of a set of basis vectors of a quantum systemSource: Wikipedia

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Cognate also called Language overlap

Cognates in linguistics are words that have a common originSource: Wikipedia

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Voice crossing also called Voice overlap

the intersection of melodic lines in a composition, leaving a lower voice on a higher pitch than a higher voice (and vice versa)Source: Wikipedia

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Stationary wavelet transform also called Maximal overlap wavelet transform

similar to the DWT except the signal is never subsampled and instead the filters are upsampled at each level of decompositionSource: Wikipedia

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Concurrent overlap

is a type of processing overlap between an activity engaged in before the prospective memory is to-be-remembered and a cue that directs attention towards the prospective memorySource: Wikipedia

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Overlap extension polymerase chain reaction

a variant of PCR which can a) insert mutations at specific points in a sequence, further than ~55 nucleotides from either end and/or b) produce polynucleotides from smaller fragmentsSource: Wikipedia

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Scleromyositis also called PM/Scl overlap syndrome

Patients with scleromyositis have symptoms of both systemic scleroderma and either polymyositis or dermatomyositis, and is therefore considered an overlap syndromeSource: Wikipedia

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Chirikov criterion also called Chirikov resonance-overlap criterion was established by the Russian physicist Boris Chirikov

Back in 1959, he published a seminal article (Atom. Energ. 6: 630 (1959)), where he introduced the very first physical criterion for the onset of chaotic motion in deterministic Hamiltonian systemsSource: Wikipedia

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