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Sound recording and reproduction also called Recorded sound

the electrical or mechanical inscription and re-creation of sound waves, usually used for the voice or for musicSource: Wikipedia

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Metallica demos also called Metallica]] recorded several demos

Metallica recorded several demos throughout their careerSource: Wikipedia

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Nehemiah also called Nechemya is a major figure in the post-exile history of the Jews as recorded in the Bible

identified in one haggadah with Zerubbabel, the latter name being considered an epithet of Nehemiah and as indicating that he was born at Babylon ("Zera'+ Babel"; Sanh. 38a)Source: Wikipedia

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Demo also called demo of a song is one recorded for reference rather than for release

shortened from the word "demonstration"Source: Wikipedia

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United Nations Treaty Series also called filed and recorded

a collection of treaties and international agreements that have been registered with and published by the Secretariat of the United Nations since 1946, pursuant to Article 102 of the CharterSource: Wikipedia

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Fergustus Pictus also called Fergus the Pict was a Scoto-Pictish bishop who is recorded as attending a council organized by Pope Gregory II in 721

recorded as "Fergustus episcopus Scotiae Pictus", or "Fergus the Pict, Bishop of the Gaels"Source: Wikipedia

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Recorded Live

a live album by British blues rock musicians Ten Years After, which was released as a double LP in 1973Source: Wikipedia

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The Gray Race also called the first album since How Could Hell Be Any Worse? that the band recorded a

released on February 27, 1996 and peaked at number 56 on the Billboard 200 album chartSource: Wikipedia

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release also called Re-recorded song

In the music industry, a release is usually the event at which an album or single is first released for saleSource: Wikipedia

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Historic Performances Recorded at the Monterey International Pop Festival

a live album released by Reprise Records on August 26, 1970 documenting two memorable performances at the Monterey Pop FestivalSource: Wikipedia

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Recorded recollection

in the law of evidence, is an exception to the hearsay rule which allows a witness to testify to the accuracy of a recording or documentation of their own out-of-court statement based on their recollection of the circumstances under which the statemeSource: Wikipedia

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I'm So Glad also called recorded by Deep Purple

a song originally recorded by Skip James in the early 1930sSource: Wikipedia

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Remember Me also called the first track to be recorded with longtime producer Mads Bjerke

a song by British Sea Power, released as their second single and the first released after signing to Rough Trade RecordsSource: Wikipedia

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Marvin Gaye Recorded Live on Stage

the first glimpse of a live Marvin Gaye showSource: Wikipedia

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The Sheep and the Goats also called "The Judgment of the Nations" was a discourse of Jesus recorded in the New Testament

sometimes characterized as a Parable, although unlike most parables it does not purport to relate a story of events happening to other charactersSource: Wikipedia

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DeRose also called Derose is a French surname that was first used seen and recorded in Limousin

also occurs as an Italian surname (although DeRosa is more common in Italy)Source: Wikipedia

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Timeless also called marks the first time Lattimore has recorded as a solo artist since 2001's W

the sixth album by R&B singer Kenny Lattimore and the first under new record label Verve Records, releasing September 9, 2008Source: Wikipedia

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Mike C. Richardson also called recorded 4 fumble recoveries

Michael Calvin "Mike" Richardson was a professional American football playerSource: Wikipedia

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High-definition pre-recorded media and compression

The first attempt at producing pre-recorded HDTV media was a scarce Japanese analog MUSE-encoded laser disc which is no longer producedSource: Wikipedia

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