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Dying Earth subgenre

a sub-category of science fantasy which takes place at the end of Time, when the Sun slowly fades and the laws of the universe themselves fail, with science becoming indistinguishable from magicSource: Wikipedia

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Gothic metal also called goth metal is a subgenre of heavy metal music

band Sirrah have released a song - as a part of their album Did Tomorrow Come... - titled RheaSource: Wikipedia

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Descort also called descortz is a subgenre of Occitan lyric poetry used by the troubadours

a song heavily discordant in verse form (with unusual metric structures and irregular rhymes) and/or feeling and often used to express disagreementSource: Wikipedia

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Thizz subgenre

Thizz is a sub-genre of Bay Area Hip hopSource: Wikipedia

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Avant-garde metal also called experimental metal is a subgenre of heavy metal music characterised by the

avant-garde elements, large-scale experimentation, and the use of non-standard sounds, instruments, and song structuresSource: Wikipedia

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Texas blues also called Texas Blues is a subgenre of the [[blues

a subgenre of the blues, and of course is not limited to Texas-based musiciansSource: Wikipedia

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R&B also called R&B subgenre timeline

a popular music genre combining jazz, gospel, and blues influencesSource: Wikipedia

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Businesscore also called Businessfunk describes a subgenre of Library Music from the early 80s

which is typically electronic in composition, and features bold, dramatic synthesizer melodies conjuring themes of corporate prestige, high technology, or sporting prowessSource: Wikipedia

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Scottish Gaelic punk also called Scottish Gaelic Punk is a subgenre of [[punk

a subgenre of punk rock in which bands sing some or all of their music in Scottish GaelicSource: Wikipedia

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Arabic pop music also called Arab pop is a subgenre of Pop music and Arabic music

Most Arab pop is mainly produced in Cairo, with Beirut a secondary center prior to the Lebanese Civil WarSource: Wikipedia

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Science fiction genre also called Subgenre of science fiction

a sub-category within the broader context of the science fiction genre as a wholeSource: Wikipedia

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Fantasy subgenres also called Fantasy subgenre

The fantasy genre has spawned many new subgenres with no clear counterparts in the myths or folklore upon which the tradition of fantasy storytelling is based, although inspiration from mythology and folklore remains a consistent themeSource: Wikipedia

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Kana: Little Sister also called falls into the subgenre of games

is a Japanese visual novel originally developed and released by D.O. in 1999. G-Collections translated and published the English version in 2002Source: Wikipedia

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