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Silkk The Shocker also called Silk

Vyshonn King Miller, better known by his stage name Silkk the Shocker, is an American rapperSource: Wikipedia

4 facts

Steve "Silk" Hurley also called Silk

a pioneering house-music producer and club DJSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

Silk Smitha also called Silk

was a South Indian cinema actressSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

Robert Kilroy-Silk also called Silk

Robert Michael Kilroy-Silk is an English politician, independent Member of the European Parliament and a former television presenter, best known for his daytime talk show KilroySource: Wikipedia

11 facts

The Book of the Long Sun also called Silk

a tetralogy by Gene Wolfe, comprising Nightside the Long Sun, Lake of the Long Sun, Calde of the Long Sun, and Exodus from the Long SunSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

Paul Silk also called Silk

was born in Crickhowell, Powys and is currently a Clerk in the British House of CommonsSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

Protagonists also called Silk

a character from David Eddings' Belgariad and MalloreanSource: Wikipedia

13 facts

Art silk also called Silk

Artificial silk or Art silk is a synthetic manufactured fiber which resembles silk but costs less to produceSource: Wikipedia

7 facts


the self-titled second album by SilkSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


the name of at least two filmsSource: Wikipedia

3 facts

Silk Road also called Silk

are an extensive interconnected network of trade routes across the Asian continent connecting East, South, and Western Asia with the Mediterranean world, including North Africa and EuropeSource: Wikipedia

41 facts

Sea silk also called Silk

an extremely fine, rare and valuable fabric produced from the long silky filaments or byssus secreted by a gland in the foot of several bivalve mollusks (particularly Pinna nobilis L.) by which they attach themselves to the sea bedSource: Wikipedia

17 facts

Aerial silk also called Silk

ribbon or fabric, is an apparatus used in aerial acrobatics where a performer or performers hang and perform acrobatics while suspended by a special fabricSource: Wikipedia

27 facts

Assam Silk also called Silk

denotes the three major types of indigenous silks produced in Assam-golden Muga, white Pat and warm Eri silkSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

Joe Silk also called Silk

Joseph Silk is the Savilian Chair of Astronomy at the University of OxfordSource: Wikipedia

7 facts

Gary Silk also called Silk

an English footballer who plays as a right-back or defensive midfielderSource: Wikipedia

6 facts


an American R&B group, formed in 1989 in Atlanta, GeorgiaSource: Wikipedia

3 facts


(, 1996) is a novel by Italian writer Alessandro BariccoSource: Wikipedia

6 facts


a brand of soy milk introduced in 1996Source: Wikipedia

13 facts

Spider silk also called Silk

is a protein fiber spun by spidersSource: Wikipedia

23 facts


a natural protein fiber, some forms of which can be woven into textilesSource: Wikipedia

22 facts

Queen's Counsel also called Silk

(postnominal QC) - known as King's Counsel (KC) during the reign of a male sovereign - are lawyers appointed by letters patent to be one of "Her His Majesty's Counsel learned in the law"Source: Wikipedia

16 facts


the film adaptation of Italian author Alessandro Baricco's novel of the same nameSource: Wikipedia

10 facts


(Gui si) is a 2006 horror film made in TaiwanSource: Wikipedia

3 facts

Doctor Silk also called Silk

a fictional character in the Valiant Comics universe, and the arch-enemy of NinjakSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

Dennis Silk also called Silk

Dennis Raoul Whitehall Silk, CBE is a former schoolmaster and international cricketerSource: Wikipedia

8 facts

Alexandra Silk also called Silk

an American pornographic actress, pornographic director and adult modelSource: Wikipedia

5 facts

Silks also called Silk

Aerial Silk, also known as tissu,ribbon or fabric, is an apparatus used in aerial acrobatics where a performer or performers hang and perform acrobatics while suspended by a special fabricSource: Wikipedia

28 facts

Racing silks also called Silk

worn by horse-racing jockeysSource: Wikipedia

13 facts

SilkTest also called Silk

an automation tool for testing the functionality of enterprise applications in most versions of Windows, Sun Solaris 9 & 10, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS 2.1 & 3.0[httpSource: Wikipedia

14 facts

Garnett Silk also called Silk

was a Jamaican reggae musician and Rastafarian, known for his emotive, powerful and smooth voiceSource: Wikipedia

9 facts
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