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Chaos terrain also called Terrain

an astrogeological term used to denote planetary surface areas where features such as ridges, cracks, and plains appear jumbled and enmeshed with one anotherSource: Wikipedia

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John Terraine also called Terrain

John Alfred Terraine , though not an academic historian, was a leading British military historianSource: Wikipedia

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Terrain rendering also called Terrain

covers a variety of methods of depicting real-world or imaginary world surfacesSource: Wikipedia

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Terrain park also called Terrain

an outdoor area that contains terrain that allows skiers and snowboarders to do tricksSource: Wikipedia

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a French academic journal of ethnology, social and cultural anthropology (the three terms are not clearly distinguished in France)Source: Wikipedia

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Terrain mask also called Terrain

a term used in both aviation (primarily military) and GPS equipmentSource: Wikipedia

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is the third or vertical dimension of land surfaceSource: Wikipedia

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