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Third rail

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Chicago Aurora and Elgin Railroad also called Third rail

(CA&E), known colloquially as the "Roarin' Elgin" or the "Great Third Rail", was an interurban railroad that operated passenger and freight service on its line between Chicago, Illinois and Aurora, Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, and ElginSource: Wikipedia

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Third rail

The use of a third rail in model railroading is a technique that is sometimes applied in order to facilitate easier wiringSource: Wikipedia

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The Third Rail also called Third rail

an online magazine concerning itself with rapid transit topics, including history and current eventsSource: Wikipedia

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Third rail

The phrase third rail is a metaphor in politics to denote an idea or topic that is so "charged" and "untouchable" that any politician or public official who dares to broach the subject would invariably suffer politicallySource: Wikipedia

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dual gauge also called Third rail

A mini-metro in Gijon, Spain is to be both dual gauge (1000 mm/1668 mm) and dual voltage (1500 V DC/3000 V DC)Source: Wikipedia

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Third Rail

the first single released from Squeeze's tenth album, Some Fantastic PlaceSource: Wikipedia

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Third rail

an extra rail used for supplying electricity to trainsSource: Wikipedia

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