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  1. a command line interpreter, designed to replace the default command interpreter COMMAND.COM in DOSSource: Wikipedia
  2. Configuration stored in an .INI fileSource: Wikipedia
  3. Originally distributed as sharewareSource: Wikipedia
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a general term used to describe the degree to which a product is accessible by as many people as possibleSource: Wikipedia

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is a Gnutella-based peer-to-peer and BitTorrent client for Mac OS XSource: Wikipedia

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  1. also known as a takeoverSource: Wikipedia
  2. is the buying of one company (the ‘target’) by anotherSource: Wikipedia
  3. in a hostile acquisition the takeover target is unwilling to be bought or the target's board has no prior knowledge of the offerSource: Wikipedia
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American Express

  1. best known for its credit card, charge card and traveler's cheque businessesSource: Wikipedia
  2. sometimes known as "AmEx"Source: Wikipedia
  3. was founded in 1850, in Buffalo, New YorkSource: Wikipedia
  4. current CEO is Kenneth Chenault, who took over in 2001Source: Wikipedia
  5. founded as a merger of express mail companies (owned by Henry Wells, William Fargo, and John Butterfield)Source: Wikipedia
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  1. wife of AeolusSource: Wikipedia
  2. mother of six sons and six daughters, the youngest boy being Macareus, who made his sister Canace pregnantSource: Wikipedia
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  1. was a seerSource: Wikipedia
  2. Appears in Orpheus's, Argonautica, Pausanias's Description of Greece, Hyginus's FabulaeSource: Wikipedia
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  1. a genus of asaphid trilobite from the Middle OrdovicianSource: Wikipedia
  2. A term from paleontologySource: Wikipedia
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the belief that the state and all forms of rulership are undesirable and should be abolishedSource: Wikipedia

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  1. introduced its first iPod portable digital audio player in 2001Source: Wikipedia
  2. AAPLSource: Wikipedia
  3. American multinational corporation with a focus on designing and manufacturing consumer electronicsSource: Wikipedia
  4. founded by Steve Jobs and Steve WozniakSource: Wikipedia
  5. founded April 1, 1976 in California, USASource: Wikipedia
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Ars Electronica

  1. an organization based in Linz, Austria, founded in 1979 around a festival for art, technology and society that was part of the International Bruckner FestivalSource: Wikipedia
  2. became its own festival and a yearly event in 1986Source: Wikipedia
  3. Winners of the Prix Ars Electronica 2008
    Winners of the Prix Ars Electronica 2008Source: Wikipedia
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  1. currently the largest commercial television station in AustriaSource: Wikipedia
  2. From 1997 till 2000 the station was called W1 (Wien 1, named after the capital city Vienna) which initially provided only regional broadcasting via the cable network in ViennaSource: Wikipedia
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Austria 9 TV

  1. an Austrian private television stationSource: Personal Knowledge
  2. started broadcasting on December 12, 2007Source: Website
  3. HomepageSource: Website
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the common name for liquified petroleum gas when it is used as a fuel in internal combustion engines in vehiclesSource: Wikipedia

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a wheeled motor vehicle for transporting passengers, which also carries its own engine or motorSource: Wikipedia

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is any mathematical statement that serves as a starting point from which other statements are logically derivedSource: Wikipedia

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  1. copies of data so that these additional copies may be used to restore the original after a data loss eventSource: Wikipedia
  2. 2 types of backups: full backup and incremental backupSource: Personal Knowledge
  3. frequent backups are usually done as incremental backupsSource: Personal Knowledge
  4. incremental backups build on full backupsSource: Personal Knowledge
  5. used to be stored on tape drives, nowadays either on optical media (CD, DVD) or hard drivesSource: Personal Knowledge
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  1. a group of two or more musicians who perform instrumental or vocal musicSource: Wikipedia
  2. a company of musiciansSource: Wikipedia
  3. Although not strictly "bands", some solo artists go by a normal band name, such as Nine Inch Nails, Secondhand Serenade, Five for Fighting, The Rocket Summer and The Secret HandshakeSource: Wikipedia
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Barack Obama

  1. was elected 44th President of the United States of America on November 4, 2008Source: Wikipedia
  2. the junior United States Senator from Illinois and presidential nominee of the Democratic Party in the 2008 United States presidential electionSource: Wikipedia
  3. the first African American to be nominated by a major political party for presidentSource: Wikipedia
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Batch file

  1. a text file containing a series of commands intended to be executedSource: Wikipedia
  2. because of limited syntax and commands they are less suited for general-purpose programmingSource: Wikipedia
  3. When a batch file is run, the shell program (usually COMMAND.COM or cmd.exe) reads the file and executes its commandsSource: Wikipedia
  4. is analogous to a shell script in Unix-like operating systemsSource: Wikipedia
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  1. German beer brand of the brewery Beck & Co in the north German city of BremenSource: Wikipedia
  2. sold to Interbrew for 1.8 billion euros in February 2002Source: Wikipedia
  3. has always been strong in export from Germany and is therefore better known than other mainstream German beersSource: Wikipedia
  4. is omni-present in the German movie "Herr Lehmann"Source: Personal Knowledge
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Binary search tree

a binary tree data structure sorted in a way so that the left subtree of each node only contains values smaller than the node, and the right one only greater valuesSource: Wikipedia

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Blue Mountain

an alpine ski resort situated on a section of the Niagara Escarpment about 1 km away from Georgian Bay, just northwest of Collingwood, OntarioSource: Wikipedia

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Bone folder

  1. a dull edged device used to crease material in crafts such as bookbinding, card making and any other craft where a sharp crease is neededSource: Wikipedia
  2. Bonefolders.
    Bonefolders.Source: Wikipedia
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  1. a hardened shelter, often buried partly or fully undergroundSource: Wikipedia
  2. designed to protect the inhabitants from falling bombs or other attacksSource: Wikipedia
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Business Card

  1. are cards bearing business information about a company or individualSource: Wikipedia
  2. typically includes the giver's name, company affiliation (usually with a logo) and contact informationSource: Wikipedia
  3. Visiting cards (also known as calling cards) first appeared in China in the 15th century, and in Europe in the 17th centurySource: Wikipedia
  4. ISO 7810 ID-1, credit card sized: 3.370in × 2.125inSource: Wikipedia
  5. ISO 7810 ID-1, credit card sized: 85.60mm × 53.98mmSource: Wikipedia
  6. Visiting cards became an indispensable tool of etiquette, with sophisticated rules governing their useSource: Wikipedia
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is a unit of measurement of information storageSource: Wikipedia

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  1. is a unitary republic of central and western AfricaSource: Wikipedia
  2. compared with other African countries, it enjoys political and social stabilitySource: Wikipedia
  3. Early inhabitants of the territory included the Sao civilisation around Lake Chad and the Baka hunter-gatherers in the southeastern rainforestSource: Wikipedia
  4. became a German colony in 1884Source: Wikipedia
  5. Portuguese sailors reached the coast in 1472Source: Wikipedia
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  1. a term coined by Joseph Heller in his novel Catch-22, describing a false dilemma in a rule, regulation, procedure or situation, where no real choice existsSource: Wikipedia
  2. In probability theory, it refers to a situation in which multiple probabilistic events exist, and the desirable outcome results from the confluence of these events, but there is zero probability of this happening, as they are mutually exclusiveSource: Wikipedia
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  1. an optical disc used to store digital dataSource: Wikipedia
  2. audio capacity is 74 minutesSource: Wikipedia
  3. originally developed for storing digital audioSource: Wikipedia
  4. the capacity was set to 74 minutes to accommodate a complete performance of Beethoven’s 9th SymphonySource: Wikipedia
  5. a disc with a diameter of 115 mmSource: Wikipedia
  6. audio format is a two-channel 16-bit PCM encoding at a 44.1 kHz sampling rateSource: Wikipedia
  7. is made from a 1.2 mm thick disc of almost pure polycarbonate plastic and weighs approximately 16 gramsSource: Wikipedia
  8. data is stored as a series of tiny indentations (pits), encoded in a tightly packed spiral track molded into the top of the polycarbonate layerSource: Wikipedia
  9. spacing between the tracks, the pitch, is 1.6 μmSource: Wikipedia
  10. read by focusing a 780 nm wavelength semiconductor laser through the bottom of the polycarbonate layerSource: Wikipedia
  11. data capacity is 650 MBSource: Wikipedia
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  1. a kind of furniture for sittingSource: Wikipedia
  2. consisting of a back, and sometimes arm rests, commonly for use by one personSource: Wikipedia
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Chemical Brothers

  1. from Manchester, EnglandSource: Wikipedia
  2. pioneers of the big beat electronic dance genreSource: Wikipedia
  3. The Chemical Brothers performing in 2005
    The Chemical Brothers performing in 2005Source: Wikipedia
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  1. system for venting hot flue gases or smoke from a boiler, stove, furnace or fireplace to the outside atmosphereSource: Wikipedia
  2. air is drawn into the combustion through the chimney effectSource: Wikipedia
  3. typically almost vertical to ensure that the hot gases flow smoothlySource: Wikipedia
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Christoph Chorherr

  1. WeblogSource: Website
  2. born December 9, 1960 in ViennaSource: Wikipedia
  3. Christoph Chorherr at Barcamp Graz 2008
    Christoph Chorherr at Barcamp Graz 2008Source: Wikipedia
  4. In 1991 he became member of the federal state council of Vienna for the Austrian GreensSource: Wikipedia
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Coca Cola

  1. is a black colored, fizzy liquidSource: Personal Knowledge
  2. is produced by The Coca-Cola CompanySource: Wikipedia
  3. is often referred to simply as CokeSource: Wikipedia
  4. originally intended as a patent medicineSource: Wikipedia
  5. was invented in the late 19th century by John PembertonSource: Wikipedia
  6. dominanted the world's soft drink market throughout the 20th centurySource: Wikipedia
  7. the company actually produces concentrate for Coca-Cola, which is then sold to various licensed Coca-Cola bottlers throughout the worldSource: Wikipedia
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  1. a process that reduces the dynamic range of an audio signalSource: Wikipedia
  2. The trend of increasing loudness as shown by waveform images of the same song mastered on CD four times since 1983
    The trend of increasing loudness as shown by waveform images of the same song mastered on CD four times since 1983Source: Wikipedia
  3. In simple terms, a compressor is an automatic volume controlSource: Wikipedia
  4. Compression is used during sound recording, live sound reinforcement, and broadcasting to control the level of audioSource: Wikipedia
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  1. a republic located in the northern Caribbean SeaSource: Wikipedia
  2. Location of Cuba
    Location of CubaSource: Wikipedia
  3. when discovering it in October 12, 1492 Christopher Columbus claimed Cuba for SpainSource: Wikipedia
  4. Fidel Castro led Cuba from December 1959 until his resignation in February 2008Source: Wikipedia
  5. Raúl Castro is President since his election on February 24, 2008Source: Wikipedia
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Da Kink in My Hair

  1. a play by Trey AnthonySource: Wikipedia
  2. debuted at the Toronto Fringe Festival in 2001Source: Wikipedia
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Domain Name System

  1. a hierarchical naming system for computers, services, or any resource participating in the InternetSource: Wikipedia
  2. It associates various information with domain names assigned to such participantsSource: Wikipedia
  3. For example, translates to Wikipedia
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  1. Disk Operating SystemSource: Wikipedia
  2. free alternative to (MS-)DOS are like FreeDOS or OpenDosSource: Wikipedia
  3. operating systems which dominated the IBM PC compatible market between 1981 and 1995Source: Wikipedia
  4. Microoft bought 86-DOS in 1981 and renamed the operating system MS-DOSSource: Wikipedia
  5. 6.22 was the last stand-alone version of MS-DOSSource: Wikipedia
  6. Digital Research released DR-DOS in May 1988Source: Wikipedia
  7. the first IBM branded version, PC-DOS 1.0, was released in August, 1981Source: Wikipedia
  8. drives are referred to by identifying letters, e.g. "A" and "B" are used for floppy drivesSource: Wikipedia
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Drop out

a song from the album Scream, Dracula, Scream! by Rocket from the CryptSource: Wikipedia

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One em is often incorrectly said to be equal to the width of a capital "M" in a particular typeface.Source: Wikipedia

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Erdős number

  1. describes the minimum distance between a mathematician and Paul Erdős, where a relationship between two people is defined by them having written a paper togetherSource: Personal Knowledge
  2. honoring the late Hungarian mathematician Paul ErdősSource: Wikipedia
  3. humorous tribute to the enormous output of mathematical papers by Paul ErdősSource: Wikipedia
  4. tribute to the theory of six degrees of separationSource: Wikipedia
  5. If Alice collaborates with Paul Erdős on one paper, and with Bob on another, but Bob never collaborates with Erdős himself, then Bob is given an Erdős number of 2, as he is two steps from Erdős
    If Alice collaborates with Paul Erdős on one paper, and with Bob on another, but Bob never collaborates with Erdős himself, then Bob is given an Erdős number of 2, as he is two steps from ErdősSource: Wikipedia
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Eternal September

  1. a Usenet slang expression, coined by Dave Fischer, for the period beginning September 1993Source: Wikipedia
  2. The expression encapsulates the belief that an endless influx of new users (newbies) since that date has continuously degraded standards of discourse and behavior on Usenet and the wider InternetSource: Wikipedia
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Evolution-Data Optimized or Evolution-Data onlySource: Personal Knowledge

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  1. a line editor for Unix systemsSource: Wikipedia
  2. short for EXtendedSource: Wikipedia
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  1. the common filename extension for denoting an executableSource: Wikipedia
  2. 32-bit Portable Executable (introduced with Windows NT)Source: Wikipedia
  3. used in the OpenVMS, DOS, Microsoft Windows, ReactOS, and OS/2 operating systemsSource: Wikipedia
  4. DOS executable (ASCII string "MZ" at the beginning of the file)Source: Wikipedia
  5. "MZ" (ASCII "MZ" identifies DOS executables) are the initials of Mark Zbikowski, one of the developers of MS-DOSSource: Wikipedia
  6. 16-bit New Executable (can only be executed by Windows and OS/2)Source: Wikipedia
  7. Mixed 16/32-bit Linear Executable (introduced in OS/2 2.0)Source: Wikipedia
  8. 32-bit Linear Executable (introduced by OS/2 2.0, can only be run there)Source: Wikipedia
  9. 64-bit Portable Executable (introduced with 64-bit versions of Windows)Source: Wikipedia
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is something that is the case, something that actually existsSource: Wikipedia

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  1. an online lexicon that uses short and concise facts to explain termsSource: Personal Knowledge
  2. a project by Alexander Kirk and Nader CsernySource: Personal Knowledge
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MusicianSource: Wikipedia

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  1. a partially patented file system developed by Microsoft for MS-DOSSource: Wikipedia
  2. the LFN extension (Long FileNames) allows mixed case, 255 UTF-16 charactersSource: Wikipedia
  3. File Allocation TableSource: Wikipedia
  4. is supported by virtually all existing operating systems for personal computersSource: Wikipedia
  5. an ideal format for floppy disks and solid-state memory cardsSource: Wikipedia
  6. type FAT32 (max. 8TB disks, max. 268 million files)Source: Wikipedia
  7. type FAT16 (max. 2 GB disks, max. 65517 files)Source: Wikipedia
  8. type FAT12 (max. 32MB disks, max. 4077 files)Source: Wikipedia
  9. originally only 8.3 filenames possible (8 letter filename, 3 letter extension)Source: Wikipedia
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  1. a team sport played between two teams of eleven players, and is widely considered to be the most popular sport in the worldSource: Wikipedia
  2. A player scores a penalty kick given after an offence is committed inside the penalty area
    A player scores a penalty kick given after an offence is committed inside the penalty areaSource: Wikipedia
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Freebase Parallax

  1. An application that allows faceted browsing of the Freebase databaseSource: Personal Knowledge
  2. by David Huynh, Research Scientist, Metaweb TechnologiesSource: Website
  3. is open-sourcedSource: Website
  4. HomepageSource: Website
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Frequently Asked Questions on FactolexSource: Website
  2. listed questions and answers, all supposed to be frequently asked in some contextSource: Wikipedia
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  1. second-most populous city in Switzerland (after Zürich)Source: Wikipedia
  2. the most populous city of Romandy (the French-speaking part of Switzerland)Source: Wikipedia
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George Washington

  1. served as the first President of the United States of America (1789-1797)Source: Wikipedia
  2. led the Continental Army to victory over the Kingdom of Great Britain in the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783)Source: Wikipedia
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  1. free distributed revision control softwareSource: Wikipedia
  2. initially created by Linus Torvalds for Linux kernel developmentSource: Wikipedia
  3. helps the developer to focus on asynchronous developmentSource: Wikipedia
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  1. best known for its search engineSource: Personal Knowledge
  2. an American public corporationSource: Wikipedia
  3. Google HomepageSource: Website
  4. began in January 1996, as a research project by Larry Page, who was soon joined by Sergey BrinSource: Wikipedia
  5. earning revenue from advertisingSource: Wikipedia
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Google Chrome

  1. A free and open source web browser developed by GoogleSource: Wikipedia
  2. name is derived from the graphical user interface frame, or "chrome"Source: Wikipedia
  3. benefits are said to be improved speed compared to other web browsersSource: Personal Knowledge
  4. Chromium is the open source project behind Google ChromeSource: Wikipedia
  5. beta version for Microsoft Windows was released on 2 September 2008Source: Wikipedia
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  1. a Mozilla Firefox extension that allows users to install scripts that make on-the-fly changes to most HTML-based web pagesSource: Wikipedia
  2. can be used for adding new functionality to web pagesSource: Wikipedia
  3. user scripts easily break when the web site maintainer changes the pageSource: Personal Knowledge
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gross domestic product

  1. widely used by economists to gauge the health of an economy, as its variations are relatively quickly identifiedSource: Wikipedia
  2. one of the measures of national income and output for a given country's economySource: Wikipedia
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Gustav Mahler

Classical ComposerSource: Personal Knowledge

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Halo 3

  1. is a first-person shooter video gameSource: Personal Knowledge
  2. The game is the third title in the Halo series and ends the story arc begun in Halo:Source: Wikipedia
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a muscular organ in all vertebrates responsible for pumping blood through the blood vessels by repeated, rhythmic contractions, or a similar structure in annelids, mollusks, and arthropodsSource: Wikipedia

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Hello world

  1. a computer program that prints out "Hello world!" on a display deviceSource: Wikipedia
  2. used in many introductory tutorials for teaching a programming languageSource: Wikipedia
  3. Such a program is typically one of the simplest programs possible in a computer languageSource: Wikipedia
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  1. French social network and blog aggregator for womenSource: Website
  2. Hellocoton HomepageSource: Website
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  1. A man-made construction that protects humans from weather conditionsSource: Personal Knowledge
  2. The social unit that lives in a house is known as a householdSource: Wikipedia
  3. transitioned over time from round huts to rectangular housesSource: Wikipedia
  4. The Jews made the oldest house in the worldSource: Wikipedia
  5. most British and many European houses utilize stone or brickSource: Wikipedia
  6. In the United States, modern house-construction techniques include light-frame construction, commonly made of woodSource: Wikipedia
  7. usually made of walls (containing doors and windows) and a roof (usually equipped with a chimney)Source: Personal Knowledge
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Huawei E220

  1. a Huawei HSDPA access device ( 'modem' ) manufactured by Huawei and notable for using the USB interface (USB modem)Source: Wikipedia
  2. Vodafone 3G USB modem
    Vodafone 3G USB modemSource: Wikipedia
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  1. a standard interface for connecting storage devices such as hard disks, solid state disks and CD-ROM drives inside personal computersSource: Wikipedia
  2. The standard is maintained by X3/INCITS committee T13Source: Wikipedia
  3. Integrated Drive ElectronicsSource: Wikipedia
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  1. sells low-price products, including furniture, accessories, bathrooms and kitchensSource: Wikipedia
  2. started publishing an annual catalogue in 1951Source: Wikipedia
  3. founded 1943 in Älmhult, Småland, SwedenSource: Wikipedia
  4. Headquarters is in Leiden, NetherlandsSource: Wikipedia
  5. is an acronym comprising the initials of the founder's name (Ingvar Kamprad), farm where he grew up (Elmtaryd) and home village (Agunnaryd)Source: Wikipedia
  6. products are identified by single word names of Swedish, Danish, Finnish or Norwegian originSource: Wikipedia
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In-Cell Charge Control

a method for very rapid charging of NiMH batteriesSource: Wikipedia

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Johann Sebastian Bach

  1. ComposerSource: Wikipedia
  2. Born on March 21, 1685Source: Wikipedia
  3. Died on July 28, 1750Source: Wikipedia
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a county in southeast England, and is one of the home countiesSource: Wikipedia

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Levenshtein distance

  1. a metric for measuring the amount of difference between two sequencesSource: Wikipedia
  2. can be considered a generalization of the Hamming distance, which is used for strings of the same length and only considers substitution editsSource: Wikipedia
  3. named after Vladimir Levenshtein, who considered this distance in 1965Source: Wikipedia
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  1. a synonym for dictionary or encyclopedic dictionarySource: Wikipedia
  2. discussing a wide range of topicsSource: Wikipedia
  3. includes a large number of short listingsSource: Wikipedia
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Linked Data

  1. a term used to describe a method of exposing, sharing, and connecting data on the Web via dereferenceable URIsSource: Wikipedia
  2. Uses URIs to identify things that you expose to the Web as resourcesSource: Wikipedia
  3. Uses HTTP URIs so that people can locate and look up (dereference) these thingsSource: Wikipedia
  4. Provides useful information about the resource when its URI is dereferencedSource: Wikipedia
  5. Includes links to other, related URIs in the exposed data as a means of improving information discovery on the WebSource: Wikipedia
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called Lietuva in LithuanianSource: Personal Knowledge

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Logistic curve

Standard logistic sigmoid function

Standard logistic sigmoid functionSource: Wikipedia

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a small landlocked country in western Europe, bordered by Belgium, France, and GermanySource: Wikipedia

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  1. a common first name of peopleSource: Personal Knowledge
  2. is the Italian, French, Portuguese and Spanish form of the Roman name MariusSource: Wikipedia
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  1. Created by Shigeru MiyamotoSource: Wikipedia
  2. a video game character from NintendoSource: Personal Knowledge
  3. first appeared in the arcade game Donkey Kong as a character named "Jumpman"Source: Wikipedia
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a poetic form in Persian and Ottoman literatureSource: Wikipedia

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McKinsey & Company

  1. is a global management consulting firm that focuses on solving issues of concern to senior managementSource: Wikipedia
  2. dropped the "Inc." from its company name in 2001Source: Wikipedia
  3. has over 7,500 consultants in 90 offices across 51 countriesSource: Wikipedia
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median is described as the number separating the higher half of a sample, a population, or a probability distribution, from the lower halfSource: Wikipedia

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  1. something which provides informationSource: Wikipedia
  2. an object of communicationSource: Wikipedia
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  1. its specification was developed by, and is maintained by, the MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA)Source: Wikipedia
  2. are typically created using computer-based sequencing software that organizes MIDI messages into one or more parallel "tracks" for independent recording and editingSource: Wikipedia
  3. consists of one header chunk and one or more track chunksSource: Wikipedia
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  1. a dance technique that presents the illusion that the dancer is stepping forward while actually moving backwardSource: Wikipedia
  2. gives the appearance of a person moving along a conveyor beltSource: Wikipedia
  3. was considered Michael Jackson's signature moveSource: Wikipedia
  4. gained worldwide popularity after Michael Jackson executed it during his performance of his song "Billie Jean" on the March 25, 1983Source: Wikipedia
  5. one of the most well known dance moves in the worldSource: Wikipedia
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  1. is a major mobile phone operator owned by Telefónica MóvilesSource: Wikipedia
  2. operates in Spain and in many Latin American countriesSource: Wikipedia
  3. Many Movistar networks were acquired from BellSouthSource: Wikipedia
  4. Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves, has been used by Telefónica to announce the unification of all its operation brandsSource: Wikipedia
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  1. are an English rock band formed in Teignmouth, Devon in 1994 under the alias of Rocket Baby DollsSource: Wikipedia
  2. their style mixes many musical genres, including alternative rock, classical music and electronicaSource: Wikipedia
  3. The band comprises Matthew Bellamy (vocals, guitar and piano), Christopher Wolstenholme (bass guitar and backing vocals) and Dominic Howard (drums and percussion)Source: Wikipedia
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Musée de la Sculpture en Plein Air

  1. a collection of outdoor sculpture located on the banks of the Seine in the 5th arrondissement, Paris, FranceSource: Wikipedia
  2. open constantly without chargeSource: Wikipedia
  3. The museum was created in 1980 in the Jardin Tino Rossi to display sculptures from the second half of the twentieth centurySource: Wikipedia
  4. 48.847134,2.36147
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  1. first single by American singer-songwriter MadonnaSource: Wikipedia
  2. was released on August 21, 2000 by Maverick RecordsSource: Wikipedia
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music sequencer

  1. software or hardware designed to create and manage computer-generated musicSource: Wikipedia
  2. Most modern sequencers now feature audio editing and processing capabilities as wellSource: Wikipedia
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Nate Silver

  1. is Managing Partner of Baseball ProspectusSource: Wikipedia
  2. best known for inventing PECOTA, a system for forecasting the performance and career development of Major League Baseball playersSource: Wikipedia
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  1. a class of problems in algorithmsSource: Wikipedia
  2. is the set of decision problems decidable in polylogarithmic time on a parallel computer with a polynomial number of processorsSource: Wikipedia
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  1. a computer networking utility for reading from and writing to network connections on either TCP or UDPSource: Wikipedia
  2. is a feature-rich network debugging and investigation toolSource: Wikipedia
  3. can produce almost any kind of correlation within a network you would need and has a number of built-in capabilitiesSource: Wikipedia
  4. HomepageSource: Website
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New York City

  1. the most populous city in the United States, in a metropolitan area that ranks among the world's most-populous urban areasSource: Wikipedia
  2. a leading global city, exerting a powerful influence over worldwide commerce, finance, culture, and entertainmentSource: Wikipedia
  3. largest city in the state of New YorkSource: Wikipedia
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Nicolas Sarkozy

President of FranceSource: Wikipedia

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  1. famous for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) video consoleSource: Personal Knowledge
  2. created the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) video consoleSource: Personal Knowledge
  3. created the Nintendo 64 video consoleSource: Personal Knowledge
  4. created the Wii video consoleSource: Personal Knowledge
  5. created the Game Boy handheld video console (shipped in many variations over the years)Source: Personal Knowledge
  6. created the Nintendo DS handheld video consoleSource: Personal Knowledge
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  1. a shorthand non-XML serialization of Resource Description Framework models, designed with human-readability in mindSource: Wikipedia
  2. The format is being developed by Tim Berners-Lee and others from the Semantic Web communitySource: Wikipedia
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  1. are an English rock band that formed in Manchester in 1991Source: Wikipedia
  2. The group was formed by Liam Gallagher (vocals), Paul Arthurs (guitar), Paul McGuigan (bass) and Tony McCarroll (drums), who were soon joined by Liam's older brother Noel Gallagher (guitar and vocals)Source: Wikipedia
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Bulk components are often mistakenly referred to as OEM products. However, these do not actually differ from retail versions, except in their packaging and/or the way they are procuredSource: Wikipedia

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Oliver Twist

a novel by Charles Dickens written in 1838Source: Wikipedia

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  1. programming paradigm that uses "objects" and their interactions to design applications and computer programsSource: Wikipedia
  2. Object-oriented programmingSource: Wikipedia
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  1. defines a full software development process for the webSource: Website
  2. Object Oriented Web SolutionSource: Website
  3. extension of the OO-Method that introduces the required expressivity to capture navigational and presentation web application requirementsSource: Website
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  1. a hybrid of ancient cultivated origin, possibly between pomelo (Citrus maxima) and tangerine (Citrus reticulata)Source: Wikipedia
  2. It is a small flowering tree growing to about 10 m tall with evergreen leaves, which are arranged alternately, of ovate shape with crenulate margins and 4–10 cm longSource: Wikipedia
  3. fruit is a hesperidium, a type of berrySource: Wikipedia
  4. Oranges originated in Southeast AsiaSource: Wikipedia
  5. These varieties are called 'Ambersweet' oranges
    These varieties are called 'Ambersweet' orangesSource: Wikipedia
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the brand used by France Telecom for its mobile network operator and Internet service provider subsidiariesSource: Wikipedia

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  1. the Austrian national public service broadcasterSource: Wikipedia
  2. The first test transmissions in Austria were made in 1923 by Radio Hekaphon, run by a technical school in ViennaSource: Wikipedia
  3. Official SiteSource: Website
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  1. the first television channel of the national broadcasting network ORFSource: Wikipedia
  2. before 1992: FS1Source: Wikipedia
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  1. an Austrian television channel owned by ORFSource: Wikipedia
  2. Formally FS2 until 1992Source: Wikipedia
  3. launched on 11 September 1961 as a technical test programmSource: Wikipedia
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  1. a group of tissues that perform a specific function or group of functionsSource: Wikipedia
  2. Latin: organum, "instrument, tool", from Greek όργανον - organon, "organ, instrument, tool"Source: Wikipedia
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Orso Mario Corbino

  1. an Italian physicist and politicianSource: Wikipedia
  2. also served as professor in Messina (1905) and in Rome (1908)Source: Wikipedia
  3. Noted for his studies of the influence of external magnetic fields on the motion of electrons in metals and discovered the Corbino effectSource: Wikipedia
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  1. a markup language for publishing and sharing data using ontologies on the World Wide WebSource: Wikipedia
  2. a family of knowledge representation languages for authoring ontologies, and is endorsed by the World Wide Web ConsortiumSource: Wikipedia
  3. The natural acronym for Web Ontology Language would be WOL instead of OWLSource: Wikipedia
  4. By a funny conincidence, the character Owl from Winnie the Pooh wrote his name WOL (exactly opposite to the way the acronym OWL was created for this term)Source: Wikipedia
4 facts


  1. denotes a contradictionSource: Personal Knowledge
  2. a figure of speech that combines two normally contradictory termsSource: Wikipedia
  3. The word oxymoron is itself an oxymoronSource: Wikipedia
  4. loanword from Greek oxy ("sharp" or "pointed") and moros ("dull")Source: Wikipedia
  5. Example: Deafening silenceSource: Wikipedia
  6. Example: Living DeadSource: Wikipedia
6 facts


located in FranceSource: Personal Knowledge

1 fact

Paul Graham

  1. a programmer, venture capitalist, and essayist, known for his work on LispSource: Wikipedia
  2. the author of On Lisp (1993), ANSI Common Lisp (1995), and Hackers & Painters (2004)Source: Wikipedia
2 facts


an acronym which stands for "Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair"Source: Wikipedia

1 fact

Peg dope

  1. a chemical sealant applied to pipe threads to ensure a leakproof and pressure-tight sealSource: Wikipedia
  2. a substance used to coat the bearing surfaces of the tuning pegs of string instruments (mainly violins, cellos, violas)Source: Wikipedia
2 facts


flammable liquid found in rock formations in the Earth consisting of a complex mixture of hydrocarbons of various molecular weights, plus other organic compoundsSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


  1. a major London street, running from Hyde Park Corner in the west to Piccadilly Circus in the eastSource: Wikipedia
  2. completely within the city of WestminsterSource: Wikipedia
  3. the location of Fortnum & Mason, the Royal Academy, The Ritz Hotel and Hatchards book shop. Simpsons, once amongst the United Kingdom's leading clothing stores, opened on Piccadilly in the 1930sSource: Wikipedia
3 facts


  1. an esoteric programming language designed by David Morgan-Mar, whose programs are bitmaps that look like abstract artSource: Wikipedia
  2. named after the Dutch painter Piet MondriaanSource: Wikipedia
  3. Piet program that prints 'Piet'
    Piet program that prints 'Piet'Source: Wikipedia
  4. A "Hello World" program in Piet
    A "Hello World" program in PietSource: Wikipedia
  5. Piet Homepage by David Morgan-MarSource: Website
5 facts


format was created because in early 1995 it was revealed that the LZW algorithm used in the GIF format had been patented by UnisysSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


  1. a freeware command line optimizer for PNG images written by Ken SilvermanSource: Wikipedia
  2. Project home pageSource: Website
  3. The compression is lossless, meaning that the resulting image will have exactly the same appearance as the source imageSource: Wikipedia
3 facts


are substances that can cause damage, illness, or death to organisms, usually by chemical reaction or other activity on the molecular scale, when a sufficient quantity is absorbed by an organismSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


  1. type of avoidance behaviour characterised by postponing actions to a later timeSource: Personal Knowledge
  2. comes from the Latin word procrastinatus: pro- (forward) and crastinus (of tomorrow)Source: Wikipedia
2 facts

Puls 4

  1. an Austrian private television stationSource: Personal Knowledge
  2. it is owned by the ProSiebenSat.1 Media AGSource: Personal Knowledge
  3. HomepageSource: Website
3 facts


Random Access MemorySource: Wikipedia

1 fact


a dictionary, an encyclopedia or other reference work, that contains many brief articles that cover a broad scope of knowledge in one book, or a set of booksSource: Wikipedia

1 fact

Republic of India

  1. is a country in South AsiaSource: Wikipedia
  2. is the seventh largest country by geographical area, the second most populous country, and the most populous democracy in the worldSource: Wikipedia
2 facts

Resource Description Framework

  1. allows making statements about web resources in the form of subject-predicate-object expressions (triples)Source: Wikipedia
  2. a family of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) specifications, originally designed as a metadata data model, which has come to be used as a general method of modeling information through a variety of syntax formatsSource: Wikipedia
2 facts

Robin Williams

  1. American television, stage and film actor and comedianSource: Wikipedia
  2. is a great imitator of voices, many of his roles in movies take advantage of thatSource: Personal Knowledge
  3. has won an Academy Award for his performance in Good Will HuntingSource: Wikipedia
  4. has won six Golden Globes, two Screen Actors Guild Awards and three Grammy AwardsSource: Wikipedia
4 facts


  1. the covering on the uppermost part of a buildingSource: Wikipedia
  2. protects the building and its contents from the effects of weatherSource: Wikipedia
2 facts


was developed by Apple IncSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


  1. is a mineral essential for animal life, composed primarily of sodium chlorideSource: Wikipedia
  2. iodized saltSource: Wikipedia
  3. unrefined salt (such as sea salt)Source: Wikipedia
  4. refined salt (table salt)Source: Wikipedia
4 facts

San José

  1. is a city in the center-east of the province of Entre Ríos, ArgentinaSource: Wikipedia
  2. 15,000 inhabitantsSource: Wikipedia
  3. located some 10 km northwest from Colón, near the Uruguay RiverSource: Wikipedia
3 facts


letter forms can be found in Latin, Etruscan, and Greek inscriptions, for as early as 5th century BCSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


a coastal port city in the U.S. state of WashingtonSource: Wikipedia

1 fact

Semantic Web

  1. tries to make it possible for the web to understand and satisfy the requests of people and machines to use the web contentSource: Wikipedia
  2. derives from World Wide Web Consortium director Sir Tim Berners-Lee's vision of the Web as a universal medium for data, information, and knowledge exchangeSource: Wikipedia
  3. comprises a set of design principles, collaborative working groups, and a variety of enabling technologiesSource: Wikipedia
3 facts


electronic GmbH & CoSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


  1. a grammatical unit of one or more words, bearing minimal syntactic relation to the words that precede or follow itSource: Wikipedia
  2. Sentences are generally characterized in most languages by the presence of a finite verb, e.g. "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"Source: Wikipedia
2 facts


forms the final act of a judge-ruled process, and also the symbolic principal act connected to his functionSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


  1. a Latin word meaning "thus", "so", "as such", or "just as that"Source: Wikipedia
  2. may be used to show that an uncommon, archaic or otherwise notable usage (of a word or phrase) is reported faithfullySource: Wikipedia
2 facts


  1. characters consist of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and MaggieSource: Wikipedia
  2. aired through the Fox Broadcasting CompanySource: Wikipedia
  3. created by Matt GroeningSource: Wikipedia
  4. is an animated American sitcomSource: Wikipedia
  5. is set in the fictional town of SpringfieldSource: Wikipedia
  6. Time magazine's December 31, 1999 issue named it the 20th Century's best television seriesSource: Wikipedia
  7. 2007 marks the 20th anniversary of The Simpsons franchiseSource: Wikipedia
  8. debut on December 17, 1989Source: Wikipedia
8 facts


plays in the fictional town of Smallville, KansasSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


man-like sculpture made of snowSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


has an area of 599 square kilometers (231 sq mi) and borders Bilecik to the west, Gölpazarı to the north, İnhisar to the northeast, Eskişehir to the southeast, and Bozüyük to the southwestSource: Wikipedia

1 fact

South Park

animated television comedy seriesSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


  1. is a query language for RDF graphsSource: Wikipedia
  2. pronounced "sparkle"Source: Wikipedia
  3. its name is an acronym that stands for Simple Protocol and RDF Query LanguageSource: Wikipedia
3 facts

Stan Lee

an American writer, editor, creator of comic book characters, and the former president and chairman of Marvel ComicsSource: Wikipedia

1 fact

Steve McQueen

  1. was an American movie actorSource: Wikipedia
  2. got his most significant break when Frank Sinatra removed Sammy Davis, Jr. from the film Never So Few, and Davis' role went to McQueenSource: Wikipedia
2 facts


refers to the practice of making spoofs or parodies of corporate and political advertisements in order to make a statementSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


  1. can be done orally, written or by practical examinationSource: Personal Knowledge
  2. serves to assess or measure students' performance, knowledge or skillsSource: Wikipedia
  3. are often used in education, professional certification, counseling, psychology (e.g., MMPI), the military, and many other fieldsSource: Wikipedia
3 facts

The Rolling Stones

are an English rock bandSource: Wikipedia

1 fact

Thomas Edison

  1. invented the phonograph and the light bulbSource: Personal Knowledge
  2. was an American inventorSource: Wikipedia
  3. he proposed to his second wife Mina by morse code: .– — ..- .-.. -.. -.– — ..- — .- .-. .-. -.– — . and Mina replied -.– . ..., agreeingSource: Website
  4. Edison’s First Patented Invention (for a telegraphic vote-recording machine for the legislature) was a FlopSource: Website
4 facts

Tim O'Reilly

is the founder of O'Reilly MediaSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


  1. is a chocolate bar made by Kraft Foods SwitzerlandSource: Wikipedia
  2. There is a hidden bear in the Matterhorn mountain on the Toblerone logo, symbolizing Bern, the town of its originSource: Wikipedia
  3. was created by Theodor Tobler and Emil Baumann in Bern, Switzerland in 1908Source: Wikipedia
  4. Theodor Tobler applied for a patent for the Toblerone manufacturing process in Bern in 1906Source: Wikipedia
  5. is best known for its triangular shaped chunks (representing the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps)Source: Wikipedia
  6. The Toblerone brand was trademarked in 1909Source: Wikipedia
6 facts


  1. located in JapanSource: Wikipedia
  2. 12,790,000 inhabitantsSource: Wikipedia
2 facts


  1. A tool or device is a piece of equipment which typically provides a mechanical advantage in accomplishing a physical taskSource: Wikipedia
  2. When particularly intended for domestic use, a tool is often called a utensilSource: Wikipedia
2 facts


hosted by Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor (played by Tim Allen)Source: Wikipedia

1 fact


are an item of clothing worn on the lower part of the body from the waist to the ankles, covering both legs separately (rather than with cloth stretching across both as in skirts and dresses)Source: Wikipedia

1 fact


  1. allows its users to send and read other users' updates, which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in lengthSource: Wikipedia
  2. is based on the meme of following: you decide whose peoples' messages you'd like to receiveSource: Personal Knowledge
  3. the short messags are known as tweetsSource: Wikipedia
  4. messages may be tagged using hashtags, a word or phrase prefixed with a #, such as #beerSource: Wikipedia
  5. Users perpetually answer the question, "What are you doing?"Source: Wikipedia
  6. experienced approximately 98% uptime in 2007, or about three full days of downtimeSource: Wikipedia
6 facts


  1. are a rock band from Dublin, IrelandSource: Wikipedia
  2. The band formed in 1976 when the members were teenagers with limited musical proficiencySource: Wikipedia
2 facts


  1. a screen-oriented text editor written by Bill Joy in 1976 for an early BSD releaseSource: Wikipedia
  2. The name vi is derived from the shortest unambiguous abbreviation for the command visual in exSource: Wikipedia
2 facts


  1. Capital of AustriaSource: Personal Knowledge
  2. largest city in AustriaSource: Wikipedia
2 facts


a person, or people, goes to either see someone or a placeSource: Wikipedia

1 fact

Washington D.C.

  1. the capital of the United States, founded on July 16, 1790Source: Wikipedia
  2. is located on the north bank of the Potomac River and is bordered by the states of Virginia to the southwest and Maryland to the otherSource: Wikipedia
  3. used to be a separate municipality within the District of Columbia until an Act of Congress in 1871 effectively merged the City and the District into a single entitySource: Wikipedia
3 facts


a Web site, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or videoSource: Wikipedia

1 fact

Wiener Riesenrad

a Ferris wheel at the entrance of the Prater amusement park in Leopoldstadt, the 2nd district of Austria's capital ViennaSource: Wikipedia

1 fact


works by naming a wifi access point with an advertising messageSource: Personal Knowledge

1 fact

Wingsuit flying

  1. the art of flying the human body through the air using a special jumpsuit, called a wingsuit, that shapes the human body into an airfoil which can create liftSource: Wikipedia
  2. creates the airfoil shape with fabric sewn between the legs and under the armsSource: Wikipedia
  3. Wingsuits in flight
    Wingsuits in flightSource: Wikipedia
3 facts


  1. monthly American magazine and on-line periodicalSource: Wikipedia
  2. published in San Francisco, California since March 1993Source: Wikipedia
  3. from 1998 to 2006, Wired magazine and Wired News (which publishes at had separate ownersSource: Wikipedia
  4. known for its strong libertarian principles, its enthusiastic embrace of techno-utopianism, and its sometimes experimental layout with its bold use of fluorescent and metallic inksSource: Wikipedia
4 facts

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  1. Classical ComposerSource: Wikipedia
  2. Born on January 27, 1756Source: Wikipedia
  3. Died on December 5, 1791Source: Wikipedia
3 facts


  1. a solid material derived from woody plants, notably trees but also shrubsSource: Wikipedia
  2. nearly all boats were made out of wood till the late 1800sSource: Wikipedia
  3. has been used for millennia for many purposeSource: Wikipedia
  4. to be used for construction work is commonly known as lumber in North AmericaSource: Wikipedia
  5. is burned as a fuel mostly in rural areas of the worldSource: Wikipedia
  6. is used as fuel, for making artworks, furniture, tools, and weapons, and as a construction materialSource: Wikipedia
6 facts

World Trade Center

was a complex of seven buildings in Lower Manhattan that were attacked by terrorists on September 11, 2001Source: Wikipedia

1 fact

Zombie computer

a computer accessed by a hacker without the owner's knowledge, and used for purposes such as sending spamSource: Wikipedia

1 fact
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