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  1. a version of a song where all tracks are merged into a single oneSource: Personal Knowledge
  2. needs to be made in order to save a song to a single-track file format, such as MP3Source: Personal Knowledge
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a digital audio encoding format using a form of lossy data compressionSource: Wikipedia

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music sequencer

  1. software or hardware designed to create and manage computer-generated musicSource: Wikipedia
  2. Most modern sequencers now feature audio editing and processing capabilities as wellSource: Wikipedia
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Pro Tools

  1. a Digital Audio Workstation platform for Mac OS and Microsoft Windows operating systems, developed and manufactured by Digidesign, a division of Avid TechnologySource: Wikipedia
  2. Fundamentally, Pro Tools is similar to a multitrack tape recorder and mixer, with additional features that can only be performed in the digital mediumSource: Wikipedia
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Steinberg Cubase

  1. a computer program for music production/recordingSource: Wikipedia
  2. Steinberg - Maker Of CubaseSource: Website
  3. Most of the facilities in recording studios are now available for computer owners using Cubase or other similar productsSource: Wikipedia
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